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Deep Dive

Today more than ever, the competitive nature of business drives the need for research. As market share and innovation become increasingly difficult to maintain, there is a need for research that goes beyond asking questions and getting answers.

Pearl Marketing Research Consulting believes that businesses are looking for someone to dive deep for the true insights that lie beneath the surface. Someone who not only can find that nugget or grain of truth yet undiscovered, but who can also surround it in a story and context that illuminates its meaning and adds value for your organization.

"Discovery consists of being able to see what everybody else sees, but thinking what nobody else thinks."
Nobel Prize Winner Alberta Szent-Gyori

Pearl Approach

We believe that great research is built through

Understanding the foundations of research 

Exploring ways to do the basics better

Innovating new techniques and methods to meet unique needs

Pearl examines every aspect of the research process for opportunities to maximize impact, creating for each client a fully customized approach that is designed specifically to meet their needs.

The process begins with knowing where to look, without the right respondents you can never find the right answers.

One of the greatest challenges in research today is locating your target in the vast sea of respondents. Pearl can help you not only identify the most relevant groups, but also knows what it takes to motivate them to participate, a critical step toward ensuring the success of any research project.

Finding the Right Respondent

Pearl thinks beyond facility databases to find your target respondent where they live, work, and play. Finding ways to reach fresh, engaged, and interested people where and how they want to be reached is central to how we do business.

The next step is knowing how to get the answers you need. We all know that any question can be asked a number of ways. Having the skills and experience necessary to understand the nuances of context and phrasing makes all the difference in what answers you will receive.

Completely Custom Design

Pearl offers full service marketing research consulting. We understand that every project is important to your business and pearls come in all shapes and sizes. At Pearl, every business question is approached with a unique and tailored research plan.

In the end, great research isn’t complete until it can be applied to the business. Pearl wants all its research to come alive for those who did not participate and to stay relevant for months or even years to come. For this reason at Pearl, the reporting of research is treated with the same, if not more, importance as its implementation.

Actionable Analysis

Pearl believes that research isn’t complete until it is internalized by the team that requested it. It is essential to not only find the answers and insights, but also to be able to string together these pearls in a way that makes business sense. Pearl delivers research analysis that is actionable as well as informational, communicating a true understanding of your business needs.

Each report is designed with the end user in mind.

  • Executive summaries are written for the leadership, in a quick concise and action-oriented tone
  • Topline reports are designed to capture the essence of the learnings, conclusions, and recommendations in a time-efficient manner
  • Full reports are designed to be a complete referral source for those interested in the detail
  • I have had the opportunity to work with Terah on several different research projects, each project was highly successful. Terah is quickly able to establish a warm conversational setting with the respondents allowing her to push deep into the important underlying attitudes and emotions of each topic. Her business knowledge and understanding of marketing is evident in her ability to lead the marketing team down the right path as well as her specific action oriented reporting. I highly recommend Terah to anyone looking for a market researcher who will do more than ask a list of questions but really challenge the whole team into thinking open-minded and creatively about their questions." K.S. Major Pharma client

    Pearl Research Studies

    Pearl provides completely custom research services in two ways:

    • Project Based Services
    • Observational Research
    • In-Home and On-site Research
    • Facility-based Research
    • Phone and Web Research
    • Online Bulletin Board Research
    • Digital Virtual Ethnography
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    • Hourly Based Services
    • Research Project Management
    • Brainstorming & Ideation Session
    • Team Workshop & Wargaming
    • Primary Data Analysis
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    Who is Pearl?

    Designing and executing methods and techniques that will find you the pearls you seek requires training and expertise.

    My dream job is now my daily reality.... nearly 15 years ago I had my first exposure to qualitative research, and strategic marketing research consulting, and I immediately fell in love. As my career was headed up the ladder, and further from the end user and research design, I knew that a change in direction was needed and it was time to head out on my own. Now everyday I get to find satisfaction in tackling the challenges of structuring methods to dive deep for insights, and the joy of meeting and interviewing new and fascinating people.

    Terah Farness received her undergraduate degree in food marketing from Western Michigan University, and her Masters in Marketing Research from the University of Georgia.

    Since graduation Terah has continued her training through ComPASS concept development, RIVA Moderating, RIVA Qualitative Toolbox, and RIVA Qualitative Analysis.

    In addition, Terah has extensive experience gained through her almost 5 years at a leading consumer products company working on many major national brands targeting both children and adults. Terah also has almost 2 years dedicated to qualitative research consulting in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

    Through this experience Terah has gained an in-depth understanding of what it takes to design and implement successful studies that move the business forward. Terah has the perspective that comes from having been in your shoes, and understands what is necessary to take research from the backroom into the boardroom.